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orijen cat food recall

As a result, you can start your cat off on it early and keep feeding it to them for years. In Australia, prior to 2009, imported pet foods which included fresh meats or foods that were cooked at low temperatures, were legally required to undergo irradiation treatment. Orijen adds impressive fruits and veggies into its foods, but they’re all listed toward the bottom of the ingredients list. Most other pet food brands choose to outsource their manufacturing, which increases the likelihood of recalls and other problems. However, we did find an isolated incident involving the recall of Orijen cat food in Australia in 2008. Orijen has altered their recipes in the last year and reduced the meat protein in their foods. Per the FDA information at the time, the beef may have been affected with BSE. If you can afford it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option. Orijen cat food was recalled in Australia in 2008. It’s probably best suited for younger cats, though, as it may be too nutrient-dense for seniors. There’s also freeze-dried cod liver coating the kibble, which will encourage your cat to wolf it down. They are award winning foods that have satisfied a lot of cat moms and dads around the world. Controlling all stages of the manufacturing process is an outstanding benefit provided by Champion Petfoods. Champion Petfoods is working closely with the Australian veterinary community to conduct a comprehensive and ongoing program of … Roland has been an animal lover all his life, with cats holding a special place in his heart. Very few cat foods can rival the ingredients of ORIJEN. The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this Champion Petfoods product. This is more biologically-appropriate, of course, as you’ll rarely see cats in the wild cooking their meat over an open flame. According to an Orijen document, Australia was the only county to mandate this type of processing. In 2008, Orijen cat food sold in Australia was recalled after it made several cats gravely ill and killed a few others. Many feel that the food is worth every penny, but that won’t make much difference if you don’t have many pennies to spare. If you have a cat that can’t resist fish, Orijen Six Fish is likely to be their new favorite food. These add plenty of omega fatty acids, which improve coat health, boost immune response, and provide essential nutrients to the brain. Both foods are made using the same basic ingredients, but Orijen tends to use more meat than Acana. Be forewarned, though, that you’ll smell the fish as soon as you open the bag. Acana and Orijen are the only foods made by that kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s food being tainted by some other brand. →, Male vs Female Cats – What are the Pros & Cons? Acana Singles Mackerel and Greens Formula Dry Dog Food … Published. Where Is Acana Made? Conclusion On ORIJEN Cat Food. Given this company's record, along with its professional and comprehensive response to the Australian recall, we have no reason to question the safety of Orijen pet food products. Orijen uses only fresh regional ingredients, which aren’t in short supply, given that it’s situated in the middle of some of Canada’s most fertile farm and ranch land. However, many high-quality plants offer important nutrients that can help your cat live a longer, healthier life. A post shared by ORIJEN Petfoods (@orijenpetfood). However, it’s out of many owners’ price range, so that may not matter if you’re not willing or unable to drop a bundle on cat food. Champion Petfoods states that their recipes were not at fault. Fruit, vegetable and botanical ingredients will be of table quality, and all meat ingredients come from animals deemed fit for human consumption. The second facility is called the Dogstar Kitchen. It only manufactures food for its two brands, Orijen and Acana, so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s chow sharing a kitchen with lower-quality foods. We recommend that you feed twice daily. List of Orijen Recalls November 22, 2008. While this is a disappointment for those dogs with allergies, Orijen’s sister brand, Acana, does produce limited ingredient dog food. It’s not all poultry, though, as you’ll find a variety of fish inside as well. According to my research, Orijen has never been recalled in the US or Canada. That may mean you’ll have to hide it from your cat, but you’ll also want to hold your nose at dinner time. My local distributor told me that ALL U.S. retailers are now required to purchase the NEW formula made in Louisville, Kentucky I bought one 4 Lb. This facility is situated on 85 acres of farmland in Kentucky, USA. They are premium species like Atlantic mackerel, Acadian redfish, and silver hake. Orijen has only had one recall in its history, and it’s debatable as to whether it’s even at fault for it. All of these fish are positively brimming with omega fatty acids, and most cats love the taste. The bulk of each kibble is meat and a variety of meat, at that. The company makes all of its own pet food within its own manufacturing facilities. This is the result of our exhaustive investigation so far. Most Orijen Dry Cat Food products are completely natural and suitable for cats of all ages and breeds. It’s best to talk to a vet to determine the optimal feeding amount and schedule for your cat. This was due to an irradiation treatment, but the company states that the irradiation did not take place anywhere outside of Australia. Orijen doesn’t do that. Orijen Dog Food Recall History. Most commercial cat foods have only a few meat sources inside, if that, so your cat doesn’t get much nutritional variety. The facilities that make Acana and Orijen dog food and cat food are owned by Champion Petfoods. Orijen also has a limited selection, so if your cat doesn’t care for one or two of its foods, you’ll run out of options fast.

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